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In March 2004 Ladina, our first child, was born. She's a little thunderstorm and like my dear FGs call her a "diva junior". She usually performs, dances, sings, cooks and loves to read - as good as she can. In March 2007 we moved into our dream flat and feel perfectly at home since then. Shortly after our son, Fredrik, was born. He's the charming little gentleman who knows exactly what he wants, who's extremely curious and always wants to help in the kitchen. Whenever he sees a ball, he has to kick it!


Another "milestone" was when I decided to stop working in May 2009. What a tough job to stay at home. It took me some time to adapt to the childrens' rhythm and never got used to it a 100%. Lucky me I could start work again in June 2010 and am now part-time employee back at Credit Suisse in the event marketing industry and part-time CEO at home!


Seraina, Dani, Ladina & Fredrik

Archie Grand Notebooks
Archie Grand Notebooks

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